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"Mertur Services"


Our company, is an institutional firm that has been serving in automotive transportation sector for a quarter of a century. With 125.000 m² indoor-outdoor area, 500 employees and 350 transportation vehicles of its own, our corporation is the market share leader in auto-transport field. Our team consists of young but experienced, dynamic and responsible personnel. With increasing success in transportation field, our company continues on its path serving in customs, storage and logistics using its own, young fleet and presenting unlimited service opportunities. Since the day it was established, our company has always been growing while developing continuously its institutional vision and without any concession in service quality and principles, therefore we achieved a constant growth rate and reached international dimensions in a short period of time. New offices were opened in different domestic locations and abroad; in Iran, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia and Azerbaijan. We have been trustworthy business and solution partners of many leading companies both internal and international, and we are continuing to it. Our operations are being conducted with intense care, causing no harm neither to nature, nor to humans with no accidents. We own L2– C2 – K2 Documents, also ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificates which indicate highest quality standards. Mer-tur received ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in the first months of 2000, after long lasting studies in order to increase its service quality and catch world standards in this field, taking every opportunity to serve better. Relations with clients are based on solution and competitive working. We are members of many national and international sectoral foundations. (UND, ARLOD, RODER, ECG).

We have completed many missions that form examples of successful working in automotive transportation field, especially for commercial vehicles like minivan, truck and bus. Mer-Tur owns 25% share of yearly aboriginal vehicle transportation, and a huge 75% share for annual transports of imported vehicles. Our company is reaching incredible numbers like transportation of 280.000 vehicles/year which equals to 36 million km road with our fleet of 350 vehicles of our own. Other than automotive transportation, we also offer services like ship evacuation, PDI, storage of spare parts, distribution, general warehouse services, montage and distribution of tractors / agricultural vehicles / work machines, Supply-Chain management and mass-storage.



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Adress Cumhuriyet Mah. Turgut Özal Cad.
Keten Sk. No:12 
Şekerpınar / Çayırova (41435) - Kocaeli
Tel: +90 (262) 648 84 00
Faks: +90 (262) 658 88 98
E-mail: [email protected]

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