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Mertur Automotive Transport


Choosing and hiring, is an important procedure where the right human resource is being brought in to the company, in a suitable position. For this purpose, our Human Resources department is making researches through several channels (Mertur CV databank, applications coming from career website, personal applications, consulting companies) in order to determine qualified candidates.

After the preliminary elimination, these candidates are being invited for the first meeting at our Human Resources Department, and are being tested with perfection-based interviews.

Successful candidates are then being interviewed by related department managers. A job proposal is being made by our Human Resources Department to the candidates with good references, who have successfully completed all interviews. Candidates are being informed unconditionally after all steps, about the development and result of the procedure.

In order to keep the efficiency of database, applications made by mail or fax are not being taken into consideration. All applications are being kept strictly confidential.

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